Sunday, March 13, 2005

Movie, Bitch. Get Out The Way.

Pieces of April: Now this is a short movie that got it right. The plot moves along at the right pace, and the character development actually works well. The acting is consistently good, with really good performances from Patricia Clarkson and Alison Pill. This film used the supporting characters in the right way - comic relief and to push the story along - which contrasts with The Station Agent. Patricia Clarkson plays her part pitch perfectly. She's really great. Very Very Very sharp steak knife.

Added (since it's the same title):

Eurotrip: I didn't expect much, and I got less. First off, it was kind of offensive to me (a Catholic and a soccer fan), and not per se offensive, but offensive because they couldn't come up with any even halfway decent jokes about Catholicism or soccer. I laughed 2 times in the whole movie. that was about a .25% success rate. The actors are the JV version of Freddie Prinze, Matthew Lillard, and (weaker) Shane West. Even the gratuitous T&A couldn't save it. A bit too much wang for my tastes too. You're fired (in a Vince McMahon voice).