Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More actual opinioneering

1. USA - Guatemala: Donovan is free from Germany, and he'll let it show on the field. I expect several great crosses, and Eddie J will get at least one. I think all 10 outfield players are going to be flying around and making things happen. 3-0

2. England - Azerbaijan: Owen grabs a hat trick, and three English clubs start a bidding war for him. He'll get a few more against minnows and get close to Sir Bobby. 6-0

3. Israel - France: I think this is a pretty interesting match. France can't seem to get wins in this group against decent competition. It's in Israel too, which is slightly more of a vexing place to play. Israel scrounged up a draw against an Irish team playing on their heels last weekend. Israel also picked up a draw in the first match against France. The French must know that they can't keep picking up single points in a division with 4 teams capable of advancing. On the other hand, France hasn't conceded a goal so far. 0-1