Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Qualifying Updates

Solid performance by the USA. Should've been a bigger number. Guatemala's dangerous though, and it wouldn't surprise me if we lost down there. Guatemala has to be considered third in CONCACAF right now, especially with Costa Rica sleepwalking.

The most interesting thing is the way MLS and the USSF seem to be on the same page and with the same goals. The Ruiz and the Donovan deals both worked out perfectly for the US. Donovan gets out of Germany and the weight comes off his shoulders, while Ruiz has his life uprooted and messed with, all on the eve of the qualifying match. I hope this was all orchestrated (might be a coincidence) and I hope the league thinks about these types of things every time around.

Also, Donovan was great. Leverkusen look like fools to me. And he was onside for what would've been the second goal.

France continue to disappoint. Ukraine look like they'll qualify automatically in probably the toughest group. England should've scored at least 5. How did they end up with a schedule where 7 of the 10 matches are in the UK? They don't play outside of Britain the rest of the way.


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