Saturday, March 19, 2005

Movie, Bitch. Get Out The Way.

1. Club Dread: OK, I'm a huge fan of Super Troopers - thought it was one of the few great comedies of the last 5 years. I think Broken Lizard is really good at comedy. This just missed the mark entirely. I just don't see why they wanted to make a slasher pic scary. I admire them for avoiding the cheap sight gags and referential humor, but they just didn't have enough humor. I hope they get back to doing what they do well. You're Fired.

2. The Big Bounce: Got bored pretty quickly with this. The only thing deserving comment is the way that the director spliced in random shots of Hawaii (surf, jungles, coastlines, etc.) when there was no reason to do so, and sometimes interrupting the scene to do so. It reminded me of Rumble in the Bronx, when they'd hilariously splice in stock footage of NYC to try to trick the viewer into thinking they didn't film it in Vancouver. Here, though, we can see it's Hawaii. So it wasn't nearly as awesome. You're Fired.

3. The War Room: Probably should've seen this a decade ago. It isn't important so much for historical purposes, or even a how-to on running a campaign, because we can get all that elsewhere. It's important for the emotions and characters. OK, really just Carville. Some highlights: Stephanopolous on This Week as a guest (back when he had a backbone); Spotting WSB's Bill Nigut in a crowd; Gore's "up...down" speech (the 2000 campaign totally blurs what kind of a politician he once was). With hindsight and history since this was made, the filmmakers' theme (it changed campaigns forever...) seems somewhat disproven - or maybe completely validated. I'm really not sure which. I know that the scene at the beginning when Carville says, "If we can win this, we can knock this shit back forever" just rings in my ears. They didn't knock anything back. The shit came back bigger and stronger than ever before. You can even see it throughout this film (draft dodger/swift boat vets, hints at flip flopping). I was torn on how high to rate it, but I'm erring in favor. Cadillac.