Sunday, March 06, 2005

Why no movies?

The lady and I have spent 27 hours over the last two weeks watching the first season of The O.C. Yep, I'm hooked and loving it. It gives me a good laugh consistently. I'm not sure I like the Dean Smith style wholesale supporting cast changeovers every 5 or 6 episodes (especially when the delightful Samaire Armstrong gets the boot), but it keeps things fresh and moving, and blah blah.

Gardner Linn's recap of one or two episodes is much better than anything I could write about the entire first season, so I won't attempt. But the show's great, and gets better after watching it more. And I want to be Sandy Cohen to my kids one day.

Disclaimer: One of my Dad's childhood friends is an executive producer. Which I think rules. I am such an ethical blogger.