Sunday, April 03, 2005

Champions' League Picks

Since tomorrow's basketball game will probably restrict me from posting, I may as well hit this stuff now.

So far: 7/16 right result, 2 right scorelines, 2/4 right advancing team (though I picked all 4 right when it didn't count).


Liverpool v. Juventus: 1-1, Juventus advance. Though I hope the best for the Reds, their run ends here

Olympique Lyonnais v. PSV Eindhoven: 2-0, Lyon advance. I have a strange feeling about this matchup. The winner of this tie for some reason might sneak into the final, though there are 5 better teams than either of them. I think Lyon has a bit more talent.


Chelsea v. Bayern Munich: 2-0, Chelsea advance. I'm probably wrong about this. Chelsea are on cruise control domestically, Bayern are in a dogfight with Schalke. I just think Chelsea have more energy and resources to put into this.

AC Milan v. Internazionale Milan: 0-0, AC Milan advance on penalties with no goals scored for either team in either match. Yeah, I'm probably stereotyping Italian soccer. It wouldn't surprise me if Inter puts all their eggs in this basket though and gets into the final.