Sunday, April 10, 2005

Flick the button

A new title I can get on board with...

The Incredibles: Pretty much awesome throughout. Unsure how much kids would like it, and that's the only semi-drawback. Pays homage to great action movies, satirizes great action movies and, in some ways, exceeds great action movies. Probably the best movie made last year. Cadillac.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Definitely an attitude film, as in you have to have the right attitude to see this and enjoy it. I went in thinking it'd be silly and because of that I really enjoyed it. I liked the pace better than the first two Mariachi movies. Faster and didn't take itself so seriously, both positive. The plot is unimportant (and problematic). The cast is knowingly slumming and enjoying it. Depp's costumes are amazing, especially the "CIA" t-shirt with the fanny pack and fake Oakleys. Watch it as a comedy, and it's a steak knife.