Saturday, April 09, 2005

Premiership Picks

Whoa. If this week I do better than before, I promise I'll get absolutely annihilated before making any more picks.

So far: 20/48, 5 right scorelines.

Blackburn Rovers v. Southampton: 1-0. Been riding Soton lately, but not tomorrow.
Bolton Wanderers v. Fulham: 1-0. Fulham are a disappointment. Bolton back on track.
Chelsea v. Birmingham City: 4-0. The machine is rolling.
Manchester City v. Liverpool: 1-2. Confidence is on the Reds' side.
Middlesbrough v. Arsenal: 2-2. MOTD.
Portsmouth v. Charlton Athletic: 0-1. Pompey in trouble.
Norwich City v. Manchester United: 0-2. Red Devils back alone in second.
Aston Villa v. West Bromwich Albion: 3-1. Villa playing better lately.
Everton v. Crystal Palace: 2-0. Everton messed up last weekend. Won't make it 2 in a row.
Tottenham Hotspur v. Newcastle United: 0-1. If I had a rational thought in my brain right now, I'd certainly not pick the Toon Army. Now, though, I'm thinking... It's so dumb it just might work...

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say how awesome Jose Mourinho is. First, he calls out Rijkaard and Frisk for consorting, and UEFA censures him. Then, he gets more vindication than anyone ever thought reasonable by having Chelsea win without him on the bench, then UEFA admits that Mourinho was right about the Frisk situation, even though the organization punished them as if he was not right. Mourinho can spend the next month telling people to kiss his ass and it'll probably not quite do it.