Friday, April 15, 2005

Flick the button

Grand Hotel: This seems like one of those films that is probably more important in the history of cinema than it is entertaining from a current POV (rather than a 1933 POV). I guess it's kind of interesting because of the large cast and multiple storylines, but it also kind of bored me. I guess I'd compare it to Altman, but I'm no fanboy of his, so that doesn't mean much. In terms of importance, it's probably a steak knife, but personally, I'd give it You're Fired.

The Big Sleep: Raymond Chandler + William Faulkner, and I'm supposed to be surprised that the dialogue was fantastic? The language stands out, more than the plot, which kind of confused me. I liked Bogart better in this than most of what I've seen him in. The women in it are fantastic (as in hot), especially the supporting and smaller role characters. Of course I might just be saying that because Hugh Hefner was "hosting" the viewing on TCM I saw. This is one of those movies I could see myself watching many many times. Also reminded me of Lebowski, which is a huge positive. Cadillac.