Friday, April 15, 2005

Premiership and FA Cup picks

OK, getting very very very drunk before picking is not a good idea. Last time I was 3/10. As for the FA Cup, it's been a really long time since I thought about it. Gotta say that Arsenal-Man U is the probably final. Blackburn I think has a better chance than Newcastle,but neither really have a chance.

Premiership so far: 23/58, 5 right scorelines.
FA Cup so far: 9/20, 0 right scorelines, 11/16 right advancing.


Charlton Athletic v. Bolton Wanderers: 1-1. Probably ought pick Bolton, but I'm an idiot.
Crystal Palace v. Norwich City: 2-3. Neither team is staying up, but this should be entertaining.
Fulham v. Manchester City: 0-1. Wild guess.
Liverpool v. Tottenham Hotspur: 1-0. Going logically, Liverpool ought to have confidence from the Juventus tie. But logic?
Southampton v. Aston Villa: 2-2. MOTD.
Birmingham City v. Portsmouth: 1-0. Snooze.

FA Cup:

Arsenal v. Blackburn Rovers: 0-0, Arsenal advance on penalties. Such a cop-out, but Friedel's been a wall lately. Plus, I've been picking [wrongly] against Arsenal lately.
Manchester United v. Newcastle United: 4-0, Man U advance. Newcastle have to be a mess after the last quarter against Sporting. Plus, the added fixtures have to drain them. Of course, I'm probably wrong.