Monday, April 18, 2005

Premiership Midweek Picks

Wow did I do shitty last weekend. Not one right result. But strangely enough, I was right about the descriptions for almost all of them. So when it comes down to it, listen to me, but don't trust me.

So far: 23/68, 5 right scorelines.

This week:

Bolton v. Southampton: 2-0. I think Bolton might just get to Europe.
Middlesbrough v. Fulham: 1-0. snooze.
Aston Villa v. Charlton Athletic: 3-2. Villa's been scoring and allowing lots lately.
Manchester City v. Birmingham City: 1-0. Watch something else.
Norwich City v. Newcastle United: 2-2. Don't trust Toon.
Portsmouth v. Liverpool: 0-1. Going with Liverpool, though they do not play well domestically.
Tottenham Hotspur v. West Bromwich Albion: 2-0. Nothing to say.
Blackburn Rovers v. Crystal Palace: 1-0. Watch something else.
Chelsea v. Arsenal: 3-2. Watch this. I figure it'll be very exciting. Late goal by Drogba pretty much clinches the title.
Everton v. Manchester United: 0-1. Everton might give way to Bolton.