Thursday, April 14, 2005

Random Braves Thoughts

Been to two games in the last week. A few thoughts...

1) The new screen is unbelievable. Really, really great. Now, if they could only break the Umps' union to show close calls on the big screen. Pussies in blue.

2) Skip & Pete's BBQ isn't half bad. A nice addition.

3) Braves' bullpen is not very good right now. However, Dan Kolb's entrance music (Enter Sandman) freaking rules. Had the conversation a couple of times as to what are some great nicknames for closers. "The Sandman" is pretty good. Of course, you have to get weak ass hitters out to merit a nickname. So for now, he's just Dan.

4) The two games I've been to had two outstanding starts, by Thomson and Hudson respectively. And both times, due to inability at the plate and an unstable pen, we were on the ropes at the end. Hudson's game was a gem. Shame they blew it. The pen needs help, but I think the corner outfielders are a bigger hole in the lineup. I've been impressed with Mondesi and Jordan on defense, but at the plate neither of them are having good plate appearances. Looking at good pitches, swinging at bad ones, not able to handle decent pitches. On the other hand, it's been pretty enjoyable seeing Chipper at the plate. Andruw has for the first time in his career not made me wince when he's up. And if we had a few others who knew how to work a count like Julio Franco, I think we'd win a few more games.

5) I don't really like the red uniforms or the new hats.

6) Listening to Chip Caray is going to take some getting used to. Every time I've turned it on and he's calling the game, I think I've tuned in to the wrong game.

7) I feel like this team will go on a 10 game winning streak at some point this year. The starters are really strong. When a couple of hitters get hot at the same time, they'll go on a tear.