Thursday, April 14, 2005

Another year, another missed Ass-kicking Day

So I see this story today at Eschaton about the sponsor of Tennessee's sanctity of marriage law getting a divorce and how his wife is accusing him of adultery or something, and he fought an amendment to the bill on adultery or something, blah blah... Politician is a hypocrite, dog bites man, etc.

But the interesting thing is that this guy represents Cleveland, TN, the home of Lee University (apparently they have graduate programs now). Lee is very conservative. The town is very conservative. It's the International Headquarters of the Church of God. I'm willing to bet that this guy's infidelities might be a little worse for him than most philandering politicians.

But most importantly, it begs the question: Did he meet for moonlight trysts at the Gondolier? And will his wife lead off ceremonies at next year's Ass-Kicking Day Festival?

And will Ryan (either) ever read this? And will anyone else care?