Thursday, April 14, 2005

SkyHawk is no longer the gayest mascot ever.

Option 1: For that sage older gentleman who wants to say "I'm austere and intelligent, a thinker, and I love pumpkin-pie-diarrhea orange".

Option 2: For that space on the pickup's window just below the "No Fear", just above the "Ain't Skeerd", just to the right of the Calvin pissing on a ford logo, just to the left of the "3", just diagonally northwest of the "Get-R-Done", just diagonally northeast of the "8", just diagonally southeast of the NRA seal, just diagonally southwest of the Browning Deer sticker, and overtop of the "I'm a rolling stereotype" bumper sticker.

Option 3: For those Tennessee Moms who can't have too many Smokey Beanie Babies, or Casey Clausen. Posted by Hello