Monday, May 09, 2005

Ask Lord Douchebag

Dear Lord Douchebag:

I don't know anything about sports.
Tell me something.

- Choppa Grundleslammer

First off, this question is bullshit. He knows enough about sports to win the high jump at the Dickerson Middle School Olympic Day. With a freaking Scissor Kick style. But if you want to know something, I'll oblige.

In 1897, the University of Georgia played the University of Virginia in football and a star player for Georgia was injured fatally in the game. This was before helmets, pads, or anything to protect the player. The player who died was named Von Gammon. It was such a huge story that Georgia, Georgia Tech and Mercer all disbanded their teams. The Georgia General Assembly gets involved and passes a law banning football within the state. Before the Governor signs the bill, Gammon's grieving mother sends a letter to her representative saying how much Von loved football and how terrible it would be if his death caused the end of the game he loved so much. The letter was publicized widely and it so moved the legislators and the Governor that he never signed the bill. The movement to ban the sport tuckered out.

So there ya go.