Monday, May 09, 2005

Premiership Midweek

Not too much left to decide at the top. One UEFA spot and the relegated 3 are all left. Welcome back Sunderland. Wigan Athletic joins the party with cash to spend and will probably be up for a while, like Fulham, but, because of the relatively shortlived tradition, will never really challenge the biggest clubs, like Fulham. For some reason I think Derby County is going through the playoffs.

Last week: 5/10, 2 right scorelines. So far: 41/110, 7 right scorelines.

This Week, kind of weird that the top 4 are playing each other:

Manchester United v. Chelsea: 1-1. Chelsea have too much pride and nothing to play for but that.
Arsenal v. Everton: 3-1. Arsenal are just better.