Monday, May 09, 2005

Some tips on the greatest shit ever

Haunted Honkies: The Wrangler knows these guys from NC State via Peru. Wild tangent - When said Wrangler was in Peru, he didn't shave. Plus the average height of locals in Peru is like 4'9". Wrangler is like 6'1". So he'd walk around Lima as a giant white dude with a beard and wearing Chacos with like a hundred 8 year old Limans chasing him yelling "Jesuchristo!" In the rougher parts of town he'd get beady eyed to appeal to the more religious thugs. Alas, back to the Honkies. Pretty spectacular ironic white rap in Spanish at times. Atras de mi Caddy is my favorite.

Lil Flip Scoldjah: The realest. Whether he's getting head or eating lembas bread, this is the shit.

Brian Jordan's slide into home in the second inning tonight: Might change my opinion on him.

The edited Rosie O'Donnell retarded movie: Make sure you've got some toilet paper nearby, cause you'll either shit your pants or wanna get in a quick whoop. (sound)

Alize Bleu: will probably single handedly kill 3/4 of the brain cells of the earth if everyone knew about it. Definitely gay looking. Definitely the greatest thing I've ever had down my throat. It probably isn't a good idea to take food and drink advice from Fat Joe, but the man knows what's good.