Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm not a fan of authority

And I'm not very fond of policemen. So this story kind of pisses me off. I'm feeling pretty Nancy Gracian about it in fact.

But bringing up Flesh-Colored Whatizit Nancy Grace makes me think further. If the victims weren't an African-American ex-con and an illegal immigrant, things would probably be pretty different. If the first victim had been a white, attractive woman, the second would probably still be alive, because the cop would've been convicted by Grace & Greta and a million others on cable news a hundred times over. And maybe the truth about the disappearances would've been found out, regardless of whether Grace et al were right. There is something to be said about publicity. And this story has gotten none, even though it's pretty interesting (at least as much as Laci or the Runaway Bride).

So yeah, I think the semiracist cop probably knows something, and if I were Nancy Grace I'd say he probably raped and murdered them. For some reason I keep thinking of Zed and the Gimp. In any event, if you're planning on getting on TV after a brutal rape and murder, you better be pretty and white.

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