Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Flick the Button

1. Bugsy: decent, kept my interest, not as good as any of the great mobster films. I never think of Beatty as one of the greats, but in every movie I've seen him in he wins me over. Ben Kingsley needed a bigger role. Keitel was pretty good, but he's been as good before and after. There wasn't just one of those killer scenes that these kind of movies need. I liked it OK, but it just wasn't great enough. On the fence, but tilt towards you're fired.

2. The Dirty Dozen: yeah, I liked it a lot. Lee Marvin is awesome. Charles Bronson and Jim Brown kicked ass. Donald Sutherland was pretty funny too. Telly Savalas creeped me out a whole lot. The problem with it is the lack of a good villain for the first 2 hours (the Nazis appear almost too late, the military brass weren't quite uptight enough, they couldn't make Savalas the prime villain). Anyway, there was still plenty of red meat manly shit to go around and make this a solid film. Also on the fence, but this time I'll tilt towards Cadillac.

3. Spanking the Monkey: I thought I saw this a decade ago, but as I watched it I started to think I might've turned it off after 15 or 20 minutes. It's dated more than it should be. Seems like there are plenty of indie films that were inspired by this (Garden State seems partcularly evocative), and they're all kind of superior. The acting ain't that good. It's not as funny as it could/should be. It also needed some editing on the script (kind of ambles for a while). You're Fired.