Monday, June 06, 2005

Bulldog Update

A few random things...

1) Hoop Dawgs get back some scholarships. Great news, now let's use them. Ive got faith in Felton. This can only speed up the rebuilding. I'm on record to say that we'll make the tournament within 3 years (was it 2? I think it was 3 seasons...). I say we with 12-14 next year, 15-18 the next year, 18-21 the next. Now if we can use that extra one for Louis, I might revise that last sentence.

2) Anyone want to play Linebacker? Starting to get worried. That position is too key to our D.

3) I like the Colorado games on the schedule. Even though they're a little down right now, that's a program with enough recognition that they'll be back strong, probably when we play them. It wouldn't surprise me if they suck this year, Barnett gets canned, and a very good coach takes over and returns the program to elite status.

4) This Q & A with Michael Adams gets to why I'm kind of uncomfortable with him, and why I know tons of Dawg fans loathe him. He talks like a politician all the time, and even politicians don't talk like that about sports. Seriously, you'd see senators making bets and shit. But Adams never turns off the serious bullshit "we need to do what's right" sanctimony and fake PR fronting. At some point, we all want to hear the man say "I want to beat Florida and I couldn't give two shits if the guys who do it can read or not." Even if he can't say that, he can say something that doesn't look like it was drafted by the lawyers. Anyway, I ain't an Adams hater like a lot of folks, but I wish he'd lighten up a little. He can be serious about research.