Sunday, September 18, 2005

Gameday Recap

Later today or this week I'll review the performances over the first few weeks, pointing out who's been right and wrong and how attitudes have shifted. As always, I do this because no other program sets the table as to what teams are publicized and how teams are viewed, which affects poll voters and in turn bowl selections.

"I say nothing" about the line in the FSU-BC game. Whatever.
Compares Fred Rouse to Deion Sanders.
OU hasn't recovered from the USC loss.
UCLA wins, Drew Olson is the key.
Adrian Peterson is all OU has.
ND has beaten 2 overrated football teams. (got a good chuckle from me - stick to the guns, Lee!)
MSU is ND's second toughest opponent (after USC). If ND wins today, they'll go 5-0 into the USC game (and yes, he said they'd go 0-6).
After May and Herbstreit yell at each other, Corso chimes in with "Where's Stephen Smith? Bring him out! We got guys to get a little louder!" Line of the month.
Totally mocking Herbstreit - Kirk hints at ND in the BCS, Lee chimes in with "National Title" in the same voice and imitation. Corso is killing it today. They definitely got his dosage right.
Vandy wins 6 games and goes to a bowl if Cutler stays healthy.
When he was a coach, he didn't believe in 2 QBs. Wasn't that before the forward pass though?
Oregon wins close, but they are looking ahead.
USC is still distracted by the glitz and all. (On Final, the others mock him mercilessly).
Nobody's as good as USC - only distractions will beat them.
FSU needs to trow deep, blitz, block punts. They need to get up 14-0 before the crowd gets in the way (again, dosage correct).

Miami's really good at payback. Urgency and redemption are his favorite words.
Florida's D is really good for their size. Aggressive pressure is the key.
Rotation of Florida D is key for winning in the 4th quarter.
ND sarcasm in full force. Charlie Weis "invented football". MSU shouldn't even show up. More Herbstreit imitations. NSFMF! MSU wins.
Just a banner day for Corso. Best performance in years.
Game Changer: Drew Stanton.
Oregon State's Pac-10 athletes sneak around the chicken coop and beat Louisville. I have no idea what that meant, but I like it.
Delayed NSF for the OU-UCLA game.
"Arkansas" beats South Carolina.

The Swamp is the loudest stadium in all of college football.
Vols need Clausen to have a big game to have a chance at an upset (framed in Florida's favor)
Alabama has to win today to win the west.
Corso and Howard aren't right about OU, because it's just the players they've lost.
OU rallies around their troubles, wins at UCLA.
ND wins against MSU, Purdue. Will be 5-0.
Vandy's on their way to a bowl, NFL scouts love Cutler.
Kansas is an upset away from a bowl bid, but watch them.
Agrees with everyone on UT and 2 QB system. Bad idea and stuff. Clausen should be the QB.
Makes an excellent point on USC Distractions thing that Corso's pushing - basically if USC gets beat, it might not be because of "distractions", it might be because the other team is good. Calls Corso's comment unfair. Then he says distractions aren't a problem - because of Pete Carroll.
Kiwanuka the key in BC-FSU. "Intelligence" of BC vs. speed of FSU. Regionalist.
Miami front 4 pressure as good as anyone in the country (aside: this sentence means nothing - does it mean that Miami's as good as Louisiana-Monroe or BFE State up front? It should say they're as good as the best in the country).
DeShawn Wynn is the biggest factor (mark it down) in the UT-UF game.
MSU offense will give ND trouble, but not enought defense to win.
Game Changer: Kyle Wright
The Swamp is the toughest place to play in all of college football.

Ala-USC: Swing game for a bowl bid for USC.
Some interesting insight on the betting lines as relating to Oklahoma. Talks about how the experts in the desert have totally turned on OU. "Stunning thing"
MSU doesn't buy into the ND mystique.
Points out the obvious: that all 2 QB situations are different. But can't get a word in. Also plays devil's advocate that Ainge can do things Clausen can't.
Oregon isn't looking ahead to USC.
Leinart is "foaming at the mouth". Comments on the line. Fowler must've figured out his audience and their gambling habits.
Whitehurst is good for Clemson in big games.
Game Changer: Maurice Drew.
Pulls a NSF against both Lee and Kirk, picks Fresno St.
Points out that Lee's 0-2 with the headgear.
Picks BC.

Corso's right about OU, but they also lost a lot of players. Discipline is a big issue.
Needs to stop complimenting the other talking heads.
Couldn't agree with May more. Sycophant pledge.
Clemson wins.
Thinks ND will lose to MSU and Purdue. "There isn't any way in the world they beat Purdue."
Pitt was terrible!
Lots of exclamation points. Yell!
Clausen should be the starter and Fulmer's screwing up by rotating.

Sporting the 3 piece 1930's outfit. Looks like an anorexic Spencer Tracy.
Picks Miami over Clemson. Shocking. It's almost as if he pathologically cannot pick teams that were his rivals when he coached.

May and Holtz "never agree on anything." Sell it! Sell it!

Conspicuously missing.

Sign of the day: George Bush doesn't care about Florida State
Nice effort on the dude who shaved BC into his chest hair sweater.
It's an important story, but do they need to use the same footage in their Tulane story that they've been using for a month now on Gameday and SportsCenter?
Game Face winners are weak.
BC team breakfast includes omlettes and yogurt. My favorite segment.
BC fans really hate ND. I mean, really.

Selection hindsight (and it's pretty easy to pick without lines):
Corso: 19-4 this weekend, 54-14 season
Herbstreit: 22-2 this weekend, 59-10 season