Friday, September 30, 2005

Out for the weekend

Destroying my liver and dignity in Washington DC for a Bachelor party for my friend Lieutenant Douche (and now that I think about it, he may be up to Captain Douche now. In any event, someone's bucking for a promotion, probably that pederast, Hanrahan).

You'll have to get by with my overwordy bullshit from tonight below until Monday or late Sunday at best.

Also, the Gameday update will have to wait until Monday. Apologies. I promise I'll put more snark into it this time to make up for it.

And so I'm off to the Nation's Capital. I think it's the perfect spot for a bachelor party, since no matter how bad the decisions our group makes (and there will be very poor decisions made), we still won't be in the top million for just this weekend in the District.