Thursday, September 01, 2005

USA vs. Mexico

I'm pretty worried about a loss, since I have a feeling Mexico want this a little more than we do, and I'm not sure why I say that either. I know a win would be fantastic, but I see a tie. 1-1.

Update: Some other interesting matches...

Slovenia v. Norway: Pretty much for a playoff berth, since I see Italy winning the group. Norway haven't been great since working Slovenia in Oslo. Slovenia have already beaten Italy at home too. I'm going with Slovenia by one, 1-0.

Poland v. Austria: For the English fans, this might be more interesting than the Wales match. Poland wins, setting up a big important match in Manchester in October. 2-1.

Georgia v. Ukraine: Ukraine win and are the first European team to qualify on the field. 0-2.

Romania v. Czech Rep.: Assuming the Dutch get a result in Armenia (which might not be that easy to assume), this is an important game, though the Romanians are running out of games. I like the Czech Republic to get at least a draw and leave the group in doubt until Prague in October against the Dutch. 2-2.

Wales v. England: Back on track. 0-3.

Switzerland v. Israel: Both these teams need wins, because this group is about to get very tight with the French playing the Faeroes. It's been a nice run for Israel, but I see the Swiss getting a win here. 2-1.

Australia v. Solomon Islands: Look for a big number from the Socceroos. They'll shit the bed against Chile or someone else, but not here. 5-0.

Uzbekistan v. Bahrain: For the right to play Costa Rica or Guatemala. I look for low scoring in this match. 0-0. Bahrain will advance after the return.

Zambia v. Senegal: Surprised that Senegal hasn't distanced themselves in this group. Both need a win to have a shot at climbing over Togo. Go with the home team. 1-0.

Paraguay v. Argentina: This is interesting because Argentina is in, and Paraguay is currently sitting in 4th (last team in). It looks like Argentina might be leaving some of their European based players with their clubs. Paraguay is typically tough at home too. I'm not happy about this match if I'm Colombia (in 5th). I'll go with Paraguay. 1-0.

And quickly, I like Guatemala and Costa Rica to both get wins on the road (I know, probably foolish), separating them from Panama and T&T. I say this because I think this is the matchday where the standings appear tighter than they really are and the American columnists start overreacting.


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