Monday, October 31, 2005

Dropping off the Links at the Pool

A few things really worth reading:

1) Michael Elkon on Stewart Mandel's article last week. Really captures what I was thinking, except without the ad hominem attacks and unnecessary expletives. Which I actually think belong. But he's really smart and a good writer, being able to prove his points without using words like "douche" and "hatchet wound." So yeah, I'm late, but it's worth reading.

2) Apparently you can put a price on human feces. $1,693.62. Via EDSBS.

3) The Collective of Six is a breakthrough in college football analysis.

4) And while many may laugh at [GASP!] a Georgia fan in jean shorts, I offer this in response:

There will be no more discussion on whose fans dress worse. As they say, QED, MF.