Monday, October 31, 2005

Flick the Button

Elephant: Another one of those movies where I get a little pissed because a better movie could've been made on the subject, but since this was made nobody's going to make another movie about it. The non-linear (or is it multi-linear) chronology was interesting for a while, but after a while you realize that it's just a trick to keep the focus away from the fact that it's pretty much a 15 minute film stretched out over an hour and a half. Kind of pretentious. And there's one small little detail that I don't want to spoil, but I'd like crush critically - you'll know it if you've seen it. Just unnecessary and courting controversy. It's a movie about school shootings. You'll get all the controversy you want. That detail isn't needed. You're Fired.

Mean Girls: OK, this is actually a good movie about high school. It stays within itself, unlike Elephant. Plus, it's actually really funny. Much moreso than I was expecting. And since I know my readers are like 99.9% male, let me offer this: rent it. You'll get credit for giving in, you'll laugh, and you'll not mind the views. However, I think this movie proves the Law of Conservation of Hotttttness. Lohan and McAdams entered with a 90-10 shellacking in favor of Lohan. However, McAdams has definitely had her Chi jostled loose, and now it's more like 70-30 in her favor. I have to think Lindsay can get it back though. I pull for the redheads. Caddy for the genre.

Hellboy: Well, the title character was at least sort of interesting. The rest of the characters, weren't really. A lot of the fight sequences were too dark to see anything. A lot of the effects definitely felt like an early spring release, not a summer blockbuster. Maybe if I was more of a comic book guy, I'd be more into it. It just didn't work for me. Got bored by the end. Fired.

Kung Fu Hustle: Now here's a movie that does something few American films have done in the past few years - make me sit up straight and actually think that the filmmakers used some creativity. Hilarious, quick, well choreographed, clever, just great. Why can't an American studio make something like this? I haven't seen Chow's other stuff, but I definitely want to. Cadillac.

and two repeat viewings:

The Godfather: One of the few movies where detail means so much. It's so effortless though. One of the few movies worth seeing once a year. Like you need me to tell you how good it is.

L.A. Confidential: Here's my statement. I cannot name a better film, all things considered, made over the last decade. Seriously. Pure, unadulterated masculinity. Pushes the same buttons as The Godfather. Just a classic. Supremely underrated. I'm open to an argument.