Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Flick the Button

Haven't done this in a while, because I've been drunk and watching football for the last six weeks.

The Lady Vanishes: I kind of liked it, though I thought the opening half hour was for the most part unnecessary. Once they got on the train, it finally got, er, moving. Reminded me, I suppose obviously, of The 39 Steps in how the political intrigue simmered until the very end. I also think I liked that a little better. Oddly, it's only 90 minutes, but it felt like it probably should've had some stuff cut. Still, it's interesting, and nicely acted and set up. Steak knife.

21 Grams: Really well acted. Not as mindblowing as Amores Perros (and it covers the same territory), but Gonzalez Inarritu is a talent. Also, it totally ripped off Body Parts and Treehouse of Horror IX. Definitely kept my interest, but in the end it felt emptier than I thought it would/should/ought to be. On the fence, but leaning toward You're Fired.