Friday, October 14, 2005

Flick the Button

Double Indemnity: Great script, great plot, MacMurray is fantastic, and the style is just right. The only thing I saw as slightly off was how Stanwyck just didn't seem hot enough to cause that sort of reaction so immediately. One of the best noirs I've seen. Clearly a Cadillac.

I, Robot: It's another expectations movie, as in I had really low expectations. But it wasn't that bad, until the last 30 minutes or so. Will Smith wasn't obnoxiously willenial, and the robots didn't freak me out nearly as much as I thought they would. The end nearly forced me into firing it, but I'll be generous and call it a set of steak knives.

Monster: Not exactly a fun thing to watch. It stays with you though. Maybe an oversimplification, and way too many scenes seemed like staged for the Oscar reel. But the acting is really hard to ignore, as Theron gives a pretty remarkable performance and Ricci is surprisingly good. Steak knives (and obviously a nicer set than I, Robot).

Sahara: I think what I dislike about a lot of action movies is the way they expect you to suspend your belief in reality, but then try their hardest to inject what they think the target audience's reality is back into it. Nearly every Bruckheimer movie has this flaw. I guess refreshingly, this movie doesn't even think about reality. It embraces ridiculousness and I went along for the ride. Much much much better than National Treasure. Obviously not in Indiana Jones territory, but what is? An enjoyable 2 hours. And Steve Zahn rules. Steak knives.