Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gameday Recap - Fowler Haircare edition

Computer crashed and destroyed my post about halfway into it... I'm not wasting another hour doing this, so the first 45 minutes is from memory.

Opening line was insane: Texas seniors haven't beaten Oklahoma in five years, like since the seniors were juniors in high school. Then he follows that up with the totally unrelated comment about how FSU hadn't beaten Miami in forever. Stars are aligned. He's lost it already.
Texas Tech has played ATO and Sigma Nu. heh.
Feels important enough to point fingers even if Florida won't. Well, I guess it is part of his job.
Best D: Ohio State.
Gives some love to VT defense.
Likes Cal. He's said that a bunch. To the point that Herbstreit is actually calling it strange (and Kirk, how many times did you rave about how good Cal was last year? STFU).
ASU gains confidence after losing to USC.
Most impressive about Paterno: tougher with the media, softer on players. This doesn't impress me all that much.
No coach has done more for his university than Paterno.
Texas defensively is the best team I've seen in years mentally and physically. Interestingly, he didn't mention them when talking about the best Ds above.
Talks a lot about the personal attitudes and motivations for USC. I wouldn't presume to know.
On the money with his analysis of UGA-UT: importance of the lines, tight ends, and that UGA wins.
Kudos to Corso for praising Penn State's offense despite the weight of ESPN hyping Ohio State's D.
Henne and Hart together are "impossible to beat". The crow goes to the old guy at the table alone with the makeup on.
Vince Young is a legit Heisman candidate.
GameChanger: Ohio State LBs ("The best in the country")
Anyone know what Corso was doing with his hands while picking UGA? Looked like the Kentucky Wildcat scratching.

Clearly when Kirk saw Fowler's hair and the gallon of jizz he put in it, the first thought in his mind had to have been "Quit copying me, loser."
ATO and Sigma Nu would be an upgrade for Texas Tech.
Winner of Oregon/ASU is the second best team in the Pac-10. Err... UCLA vs. Cal...
Sounded like he almost called Chris Leak "Chris Rix". Said something like Chris Reek. Heh.
Says the problem with Florida is no legitimate threat in the option. Yes, that kind of is the point.
Best D: Ohio State and Alabama.
Bruins are the next team to test USC. Uhh, the ND fluffer programmers just fainted.
Talks about how well Paterno's recruited (opposite of every other year this decade) and the high character of the players. I think talking about character is the last refuge of a weak pundit. Penn State has had their share of shitbags and thugs. Every school has them. No team has cornered the market on class.
Both OSU/PSU QBs are great leaders.
Vince Young trumps all the stuff about losing to OU.
Seems to know a lot about USC's attitudes, like Corso.
Tennessee is probably the best D Line in the country.
Michigan won't lose again until the Ohio State game. The crow must be tonight's special.
Right call about Texas being able to throw the ball.
GameChanger: Tyrell Sutton. Good call there.

Perhaps it was the weather, but whatever Chris put in his hair might spout a head and make some predictions itself.
Keen insight: on OSU sucking after a week off.
"My crimson tide"... Objectivity? Screw it.
Vandy is our adopted team - Herbstreit shrugs it aside.
"Joap-uh" only 4000 times today. I am annoyed. Say it... JOE [halfpause] PAH.
Best D: FSU
Complete agreement that the ACC has hands down the best Ds (I dispute it!).
Kellen Clemens is having a quietly good year. I get so annoyed by pundits who say things like this (or how a team is underrated or "under the radar"). You control the national football discourse more than anyone else. If you think Clemens needs more coverage, cover him! You've got 90 minutes, throw a couple his way, instead of running a Shelley Smith piece on Matt Leinart having famous friends for the 50th time.
Add "Uck-lah" for UCLA to the list of annoying mispronounciations.
Cute bit on Paterno's age compatriots (Castro, Greenspan, Lewis, Hefner)
Repeats a line I've read a few places this week about how the visiting team wins between UT and UGA. UT won last year in Athens, but UGA won the previous 4, 2 at home, 2 on the road. Before that, UT won an asston in a row, both home and away. This line of thinking just isn't factually accurate.
GameChanger: Joel Klatt.

Best D: nobody's all that great - kind of ballsy.
Interesting comment (as in nobody else really said this) on how Ohio State gave up that last drive to UT shows they aren't that great.
Says VT hasn't played anyone and everyone agrees.
A juggs machine to a receiver is like a piece of cake to a fat kid. Awesome, Fiddy.

Very excitable, but doesn't say a damn thing. Something about eating hot dogs and drinking cokes.


Paterno looked hilarious jumping around at the pep rally. Almost as good footage as a team breakfast.
Question: Since Maurice Drew added the Jones to his jersey, does he want to be called Jones-Drew by the media, or is it just for the jersey? Fowler calls him Drew throughout, the announcers during the game used just Drew. Is there an official ruling on this?
I finally broke down and downloaded "Comin' to your city" as my cellphone ringtone. Then I smashed my phone into 8 million pieces the first time I received a call.
Paterno might be crazy. Thumping his chest like that, looked like he was having a heart attack.
Keith Jackson: "One moment in a game like [OU-UT], can make a whole life." That's the most depressing comment on this show all year. Keith, they all aren't Biff and Happy Lomans.
Weak GameFace this week.
Lachey still missing.
No walkthroughs because of the weather. Too bad. The show definitely suffers.

Saturday Selections:
Corso: 11-5, 98-30 season.
Herbstreit: 11-5, 102-15 season.
And real ballsy picking Fresno over NMSU. A lot of their picks this week were no brainers.