Sunday, October 09, 2005

Phil Simms, Genius

Key 4th quarter drive, Falcons down by 8. Schaub scrambles to his right and stretches for what looks like a first down. Referee says he stepped out of bounds 4 yards short of first down. No whistle blows the play dead. Replays clearly show Schaub didn't step out of bounds. Falcons prepare to challenge the ruling on the field. Referees confer and decide that because the call was "out of bounds" it is a dead ball and not reviewable.

Let's review:

Referees blow the call.
Referees decide that because there was a whistle (which there wasn't), the play isn't reviewable.
Referee's initial bad call doesn't get reviewed, I perceive, on a technicality.

And Phil says, verbatim: "Good call by the refs, that it isn't reviewable."

Yes, the erroneous out of bounds call and nonexistent whistle deserve no comment, but the way the refs covered their own asses sure was worth a compliment.

And also, we get it that Tom Brady is good and that you feel cheated for not getting to see Vick.