Sunday, November 20, 2005

Football thoughts

1. Congratulations to Georgia. East champs. Can't complain about yesterday. Linebacker play was 100 times better than the last two weeks, and the results of that definitely showed. Of course some of that is due to Kentucky's terrible downfield blocking, but give credit to the LBs as well. Huge break on a pretty bad block in the back call on Georgia's first punt. Game could've gone a completely different way. On the replay I saw, it looked like a bad call to me. Ely-Kelso's fake punt was awesome. I'll let the General say how he disagreed with that call. I didn't like the entire series of playcalling down at the goal line on that same drive (or the other 4th down call), but no use arguing with results. Two big games left.

2. And at that, I'm actually pretty glad about Tech's win over Miami last night. First off, I have to give all sorts of credit to Gailey, his staff and the players. The number of times you actually see a team circle the wagons and respond well to off-field distractions is much lower than you might think. Tech's performance was just solid all around. Which I think should keep the Dawgs on their toes. No overlooking this team. But at the same time, Tech has been known to suffer letdowns. For as psychologically strong the Jackets were last night, they could be just as fragile. Their history shows this. I hope the NC State/UVA Tech shows up instead of the Miami/Auburn Tech.

3. A comment sure to piss off people. I offer this: there is no reason why Notre Dame should be ranked ahead of Fresno State. The Bulldogs played USC just as tough, and at USC instead of at home (on a waterbed to slow down the Trojans). Fresno State's other loss was by 3 at Top 10 Oregon, not a 5-6 team at home. Fresno State hasn't had a single other close game. Other than Michigan, the rest of ND's schedule isn't that great. If ND gets ranked high because of their loss to USC, Fresno State deserves the same. Of course, ND is assumed to be in the BCS, while Fresno State will be lucky to stay in the Top 25.

UPDATE: Matt Zemek is thinking along the same lines (Part II).

4. I think Auburn is playing as well as anyone in the SEC. That is an accurate statement. I cannot say that "Auburn is the best team in the SEC", like half of the crew of Gameday and several online writers are wont to. Until LSU loses again, you cannot say that LSU is worse than Auburn. However, if LSU were to lose to Georgia in the SEC title game, Auburn fans could probably have a good argument that they are SEC champs (best record, beat the title winner on the field). And I wouldn't really have a problem with that. On field records matter most.

5. The state of Tennessee: MTSU ruins Vandy's bowl chances, Vandy ruins UT's bowl chances, UT may have ruined Memphis' bowl chances (if they lose to Marshall). If Marshall beats the schizo Tigers, the state has 0 bowl eligible teams. Crazy.

6. I'll go on record saying the At-large BCS berths should go to Oregon and Virginia Tech (if they beat UNC). Update: In my morning grogginess, I failed to put 2 and 2 together and realize VT is now headed to the ACC Title Game (with a win over UNC), and therefore will either be in the BCS or have too many losses to definitively deserve an at-large berth. I still think Oregon deserves a berth, but I'll decide between Ohio State, Notre Dame, and the other 2 loss teams after we know a little more.