Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gameday Recap: Why are they in East Lansing again?

Seriously, Auburn, Ann Arbor, Charlottesville, Los Angeles all would be better choices. I just don't understand why they're here.

Breaston is the key for UM over OSU.
Throwaway qoute that Syracuse was better back in the day because Paul Pasqualoni was coach. Apparently Corso has not been watching football the last 3 years.
Bill Snyder was great and he won the right way, with no NCAA violations. "Tremendous man."
Top candidates for COY: Karl Dorrell, Steve Spurrier, Charlie Weis
Also, says no minority coach has ever won coach of the year from the AFCA or the FWAA. I'm surprised at this. Willingham's first year at ND I could've sworn won him some awards, but not these two. Also, he shouldn't really suggest racism, since the FWAA Award is named after Eddie Robinson.
Also says Miami's a different program. See below.
Miami exposed VT's weaknesses, likes a UVA upset.
Posluszny is the best Defensive player in the country, any position.
Alabama wins, goes to the Fiesta Bowl.
Fresno State "rejects" scare the heck out of USC.
Kentucky scares UGA with that good RB.
Michigan upsets OSU because they play the spread offense well.
GO BIG BLUE! Pointing at Howard. Seems a little off today.
Stanton has to have a good game to beat PSU. Remember MSU is mad, hungry and it's cold. Everything seems to come down to intangibles on this show.
Game Changer: Michael Robinson, Big 10 player of the year "by far". Posluszny? Basanez?

OSU fans would rather go 7-4 with a win over UM than 10-1 with a loss. I think there are probably a few schools who think this way (Auburn, Alabama, Army, Navy, maybe Clemson and South Carolina)
Alabama-Auburn is one of his favorite games of the year.
Snyder didn't have one Top 20 recruiting class. (because they don't usually rank JuCo player recruits).
Phil Bennett might be a good candidate at KSU. (Solely for the staches he'd bring). (Corso says they won't win as much no matter who coaches there).
COY choices: Weis, Spurrier, Paterno and Pete Carroll. (no O'Leary, no Mike Shula?) Also talks about the good job he's done to keep the D together after attrition. Problem: USC's D isn't that great.
After Fowler talks of the 7th Floor Crew "going back to the days of Luther Campbell", Herbstreit says that Miami's a totally different program than they were back then. I don't know. Coker picks up recruits in an Escalade sittin' on 20's, Willie Williams'... They're not that different, even if the narrative of the coverage is to say they are.
Marcus Vick hasn't started many games. But just two weeks ago you were raving about how advanced he is... Note how things change.
Sweeps in to protect the Buckeye namebrand, AJ Hawk is the best LB.
Al Borges is having a better year than last year, without question the Broyles Award winner.
Auburn's the best team in the SEC. Apparently LSU beating them and having a better record doesn't mean anything.
Praises Fresno State, says they stay close for a half. USC wins big, though.
Turnovers make the difference for OSU. If Troy Smith turns it over, they'll lose.
Game Changer: Kenny Irons. The "best back in the SEC"
I'm not tallying them up, but Herbstreit seemed to pick many more correct this week than Lee (Vandy, VT, Auburn, OSU, even Harvard).

Says they're in East Lansing because the Big 10 title is on the line here. Well, the SEC East title was on the line in Athens, but they never would've thought of going there.
In re rivalries and teams preferring a worse record while beating their rival: "You just gotta throw logic out the window." Not sure I agree with this. If it's a preference, logic has little to do with it. I see logic in wanting to beat a rival more than other teams.
Biggest game in Fresno State history.
Ohio State, Alabama, VT must win to stay in the hunt for a BCS at-large spot. Why is Ohio State always mentioned ahead of other one loss team, and no other 2 loss teams are ever mentioned? Just asking...
The bit on big upsets at East Lansing seems a little odd. None since 1998? Some of these kids were in 5th or 6th grade back then.
Yells at Corso for excluding Paterno. "They'll take away your AARP card." Are we back to that?
Good topic of conversation on GT, but no comments from Lee and Kirk. I guess they didn't follow the stories much.
7th Floor Crew is an embarassment to the school.
UVA-VT is an underrated rivalry. Underrated because you don't cover it as much.
Comes up with DeMeco Ryans as a great LB.
Alabama is using the Mike Leach tennis ball machine. THE INFLUENCE OF GAMEDAY IS BROAD!
Good coverage of the Pac 10 and Big Ten rivalries between unranked teams. I like when they cover more games instead of spending 45 minutes on one game.
Not one Fresno State player was an invited recruit at USC. Can that be true?
Michigan State will throw the kitchen sink at PSU.
Game Changer: Sidney Rice.

At the table from the beginning today as well. I can't tell if this is him elbowing in or if it's to hype the Big 10 more. Probably won't know until next year.
"What makes today so exciting is the rivalries." Wow. They pay for this kind of insight! Why not just sit there and drool while repeating "football good... football good."
Gone for a segment?
Now he's back, semi-defending Miami for the 7th Floor Crew.
He's getting booed every time he opens his mouth. Having trouble hearing him.
After the whistle at UM-OSU, everyone has so much respect for the other team. For some reason, that doesn't seem to translate to the fans.

Nowhere to be seen. Punishment for his vocal Alabama support last week.

The Bill Snyder press conference was pretty powerful. Nice bit.
The eight millionth segment on Paterno: losin' it or still got it? Been there, done that.'
Someone needs to kill off the Game Face bit before next year.
Goal Post story: fisheye camera shots of stadiums with clouds passing... Actually, I thought this a decent story. At least it's not another "Look, USC goes to the movies, AND THEY GET POPCORN!" Shelley Smith story.
Posluszny: teased several times that he "might even be better than AJ Hawk." Why is that presumed that he isn't? This kind of story should have been shown weeks ago. They just don't cover players that show up on field as much as the pre-season hype guys.
Wired with the best mustache in college football, Pat Hill.
Can't see any signs very well because of the screen and sun. The Paterno Depends sign was pretty good.
108 decibels.
Spurrier interview, as always, is very interesting. Cyphers was all over the place this week.
I'm a little surprised that it wasn't until minute 74 of the show that they go in depth on Michigan-Ohio State. Also, the horserace thing... I didn't like it 6 weeks ago, and I think it's even dumber a second time around. The Big Ten's race isn't any mroe compelling than any other conference.
Not much to cheer about this show for MSU fans. It was pretty much a love fest for PSU, lots of coverage of Michigan, and everyone picks against them. Well, I think they should feel lucky the show came at all.
OK episode all together.