Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gameday Recap

VT needs to jump on top early and let the crowd get involved. Pressure and special teams are keys to VT.
Marcedes Lewis is key for UCLA.
ND can score against anybody.
Calls Michigan a bigger disappointment than Tennessee. Then mentions Oklahoma. Neither choice is supportable.
Alabama's closing schedule is "monster". Doesn't think they'll win out.
Talks about how bad Tennessee's offense is, just like Fowler did about 20 minutes beforehand.
Corso doesn't like the USC prank because o the suicide angle. Is there a dark background? I know he doesn't have much of a sense of humor...
BCS is flawed at best. But it's the way it is. So let it run its course, and after the year take on the BCS (when nobody cares about it). This rant was kind of a jab at Herbstreit.
Never heard of an undefeated team that gave up as many points as UCLA. Picks them anyway. "They finally win one". Dude, the team hasn't lost yet.
Miami can match VT's intensity on Defense. Miami has revenge on their minds too. "Pride"
Game Changer: Drew Weatherford ("best Freshman QB in the nation").

The "whole world is watching" VT.
Miami cannot win without a big game from Tyrone Moss. Miami is the best D VT has seen all year (didn't he say something similar the opening week against NC State?)
Doesn't think there's another stadium in the country that affects the game as much as VT's.
Marcedes Lewis is a "pretty" athlete. Someone send Kirk a dictionary or thesaurus. Football players shouldn't be called "pretty".
Wisconsin-PSU might be the game of the year in the Big 10.
Randy Sanders is the "martyr" at Tennessee for their offense. Martyr? Let's not overdo it. Then he uses intangible phrases like unity, leadership and "killer instinct". And blames it on Kelley Washington. Even Fowler calls him on that strange statement.
Stands up for Michigan the last few weeks (which is totally correct - Corso is talking out his ass). Also mentions Texas A&M as a disappointment "Got off of them after week one". Shoud we give him credit for that?
Florida is on letdown alert. Astute. Then he says the Gators roll.
Calls Alabama "your Tide team, my friend". Can't tell who he's talking to. Nobody, from what I can tell, is really backing Alabama. Then he clarifies it on Fowler. Says Fowler wanted nothing to do with the Tide until they got things going the last few weeks. (like, when they've started playing creampuffs). Doesn't think they'll win out.
Brady Quinn can work any system, make any throw. Also has a lot of talent around him (wait, I thought talent was way down at ND because of recruiting under Willingham?). Tennesse still has talent. Put ND in the BCS right now.
In re USC and the Halloween prank, Kirk totally has the right take - looseness is key. Says people make too much out of it.
"How pretty was Vince Young last week?" What's with the prettiness, Kirk?
Calls the Baylor game right because of the angriness after last week's Texas scare.
Dick comment bringing in Tommy Tuberville. He has the same POV as Kirk, but they feel like they need to marginalize him. Sensitive.
"John Stocco has grown up right before our eyes." Is Kirk having some personal struggles or something? He seems so feminine today. Weird. Likes Wisconsin to win big.
Picks Arizona, because of running game and clock control.
Picks Oregon to outscore Cal - a good way of describing Pac-10 games.
Dixon might be the most talented QB at Oregon (better than 2 top five NFL picks? - kind of bold).
Marcus Vick is ahead of Michael at this stage. Comparing apples to oranges.
Thinks this is the best VT Defense ever. Probably right.
Mocks Corso's firing-Miami-up speech. Corso bashing returns.
Watch out for NC State.
Game Changer: Willie Tuitama - good call.

Blacksburg is like Death Valley, Chechnya and Tora Bora. Inhospitable. Civic pride has to be swelling up there.
VT has to impress voters tonight. Defenses will be tough. "Bonecrushing" "Feeding Frenzy"
Tennessee is really bad at offense - same # of TDs as Army. Also, ND's defense isn't that bad.
NC State also a disappointment.
Calls USC over Arkansas an upset. Not sure about that, no matter what the line is.
Says all SEC teams are "pretty good", none stand out. Then says that's in response to Spurrier's comments. Again, substantively, they don't really respond to the criticism. Just laugh it off.
Kind of trashes the USC prank, which was awesome and I'm really glad they had footage of, by acting like USC is bored with winning.
Jabs at Corso for picking Penn State to win the Big 10 recently. Like they all don't change their picks. Haven't seen much Lee-bashing the last couple weeks. I guess it's back.
Miami's been "undressed" - terrible pun right after the fashion segment.
The Marcus vs. Michael Vick chart they put up is way misleading. Michael's numbers came from his redshirt freshman season, Marcus in his third year. Same age, Michael was playing for the Falcons. Apples and oranges.
"You don't see too many games like [VT-Miami] outside of the SEC where it's a tense, tough game, where every play, a missed tackle, can change the complection of the game". I take this as a compliment of the SEC. Noted.
Game Changer: Michael Robinson. Admits he was way wrong last week.

VT's tunnel is the most unique in CFB. Very small and narrow.
Weis told him Quinn has "leadership", that "special something", "the it-factor". Such important, concrete praise.
Says ND wins by 2 TDs, receiving a double NSFMF from Lee and Kirk.

Nice shirt, says Fowler.
Admits he'll change his mind, but only about #2. Fluid, yeah right. Really just plays up VT. Thinks VT wins big today because of Marcus Vick.


Gillette Game Face is not as bad as usual. I like the throwback helmet look.
Tom Rinaldi's piece on ND feels like it'll be shown 100 times on Sportscenter.
A Chris Connelly piece on uniform fashion. Straight from the geniuses that gave us ESPN Hollywood. And interviews from Michael Irvin and some dude from "Queer Eye." Do the producers of Gameday not realize that the viewers do not give a rat's ass about this kind of thing? Why does Connelly have a job on this show again?
A triumphant return to the astroturf walk-through segment. I totally missed it. Seriously, this is such a waste. You can't hear what they're saying because the crowd is so close, and they don't have enough people to really act it all out. I do like the "RUSH SAE" banner behind them though. I'm sure there are Es everywhere very very proud.
Energizer Fan Meter matches Georgia-Florida.
2 "Wired" segments (Wisconsin and VT). I'm not much of a fan - needs more context.