Saturday, December 17, 2005

Random Musings

1. Scroll down to the General's post on the congressional hearings on the BCS. He watches them so you don't have to. It really did sould enthralling.

2. Alex Rodriguez not playing in the World Baseball Classic is pure, unadulterated pussiness. The Yankees don't want him to play? Yes massah. And then to deny that they had anything to do with it, after they'd already ordered Posada not to play... completely not credible. The only alternate reason I can see for him not playing: Nike, Right Guard, Pepsi, whoever else didn't want him to play because it'd hurt his rep in whatever country he didn't play for. If it's the Yankees or the companies he endorses, either way it's just selfish, uncle tommery. Playing for your country should be an honor and a privilege and everyone should be angling to make the team, not minding their own pockets. A Rod is a sad little bitch.

3. Whoever is working the production booth at FOX Sports today and playing that sleigh bell jingle everytime the graphics for the down and distance change is on my list. You can choke on a shaft. The only reason to do it is to draw annoyance away from that directed toward the announcers. Seriously annoying, and probably a sign that we're approaching the tipping point for sound effects and bullshit on sportscasts. Hopefully one day soon a network will decide that less is more and we'll have quieter, natural sound for games. I know I'm not alone on this. In Canada a while ago CFL games went quiet because of a strike or something and they were the highest rated games of the year.

4. Hawks, dude. I'm starting to get a little more interested.