Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Premiership Picks

I'm uncertain of how much I'll be able to post over the next week (probably a good amount, but I'd rather get this all out of the way). A whole lot of holiday fixtures, so I'm skipping the blurbs and just picking results.

Last week: 5/9 right result, 1 right score (I should dock myself for missing the Bolton game last week so badly)
Season: 72/142 right result (51%), 19 right scores (13%)

Boxing Day:
Charlton Athletic v. Arsenal: 1-1
Middlesbrough v. Blackburn Rovers: 1-2
Chelsea v. Fulham: 3-1
Portsmouth v. West Ham United: 0-1
Tottenham Hotspur v. Birmingham City: 2-0
Sunderland v. Bolton Wanderers: 0-2
Liverpool v. Newcastle United: 2-1
Wigan Athletic v. Manchester City: 1-1
Manchester United v. West Bromwich Albion: 3-0
Aston Villa v. Everton: 1-1

Arsenal v. Portsmouth: 2-0
West Bromwich Albion v. Tottenham Hotspur: 1-2
Birmingham City v. Manchester United: 0-3
West Ham United v. Wigan Athletic: 1-1
Fulham v. Aston Villa:0-0
Blackburn Rovers v. Sunderland: 2-0
Manchester City v. Chelsea: 1-0 (yep, just like last year)
Bolton Wanderers v. Middlesbrough: 2-0
Newcastle United v. Charlton Athletic: 2-1
Everton v. Liverpool: 0-2

Next Saturday:
Aston Villa v. Arsenal: 1-2
Manchester United v. Bolton Wanderers: 2-2 (might be the best match of the holidays)
Charlton Athletic v. West Ham United: 1-1
Middlesbrough v. Manchester City: 1-1
Chelsea v. Birmingham City: 4-0
Portsmouth v. Fulham: 2-1
Tottenham Hotspur v. Newcastle United: 2-0
Sunderland v. Everton: 0-2
Liverpool v. West Bromwich Albion: 2-1
Wigan Athletic v. Blackburn Rovers: 1-1

Jan 2 and beyond:
West Bromwich Albion v. Aston Villa: 0-1
Everton v. Charlton Athletic: 1-1
West Ham United v. Chelsea: 0-3
Fulham v. Sunderland: 2-0
Birmingham City v. Wigan Athletic: 0-2
Newcastle United v. Middlesbrough: 1-0
Bolton Wanderers v. Liverpool: 3-2 (another good one)
Blackburn Rovers v. Portsmouth: 2-1
Arsenal v. Manchester United: 3-4 (dessert)
Manchester City v. Tottenham Hotspur: 2-1


STICKYBOI - said...

if only i go could go back in time and put a bet on football... i would be a millionaire

football dave said...

nice comment stickyboi. im quite partial to a bit of online sports betting myself and the scenario you speak of would be a nice one... ah well back to reality!

just thought i would share the good news about my football betting antics at the weekend - i won £250 on the top of the table double header - backing Man United for an away win at Liverpool and Arsenal for a home win over Chelski...

Ah the joys of knowing when to bet! Looks like the wife will be getting that bottle of jean paul gaultier for chrimbo! booyaka