Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where have I been?

His name is Murphy, but I assure you that you wouldn't drink milk endorsed by him. He is the result of an illicit and unspoken love between a male golden retriever and a female bassett hound. His baby teeth bother him, and bother me as well; to the tune of a destroyed pair of trousers, a coffee table and a computer a/c adapter. Not bad for just one week in the house. He is basically a midget golden retriever. Short legs, and he'll probably end up about 30 pounds. Basically adorable. Basically rambunctious. He's been pretty good about evacuating outside, but he looks like he's about to have an accident like 85% of the time. So it's hard to pay attention to anything else. And the CHQ has been slipping. And I apologise for such. Missed the premiership picks. I've had the final Lebowski rankings done for two weeks but just haven't posted them.

I hope to be able to post more frequently, and get back into some things that are not solely college football related, though I have a few football related posts to work up. I guess this is sort of an apology for the slack posting, and an apology for lighter posting ahead (which I hope never occurs). So... umm... sorry.