Monday, March 06, 2006

Prepare for a Pride-Obliterating Bitchslap

Feliz Sabates can enjoy a fine dinner on my veined shaft.

So the NASCAR Hall of Fame won't be coming to Atlanta. That's fine. It would've been a decent addition to the Centennial Olympic Park area, but in a way it also would sort of present an [unfortunate] image of the city (and let me be clear, I like NASCAR). For all the advancement of NASCAR into the national consciousness over the last decade, it's still carrying the image of past eras. And also, the way Charlotte has been selected kind of adds to that image too. So there's a part of me that thinks it's OK for Charlotte to get the thing. Something interesting will take that property.

But Felix Sabates' suggestion that it's crime that made the decision easy is, in a word, bullshit.

Why don't we go to the numbers, dipshit. From Sperling's list, based on the FBI data:

City/Index/Murder/Rape/Robbery/Assault/Burglary/Larceny/Auto Theft



Out of the top 100 metro areas, Atlanta ranks 49th. Charlotte ranks 80th.

Say the Queen City offered more space. Say Charlotte and North Carolina offered $35 million more. Say that NASCAR wanted to be closer to the main team headquarters. Say anything that you might be able to have some form of rational basis for.

But race-baiting, low-class, misdirecting defamation gets the response it deserves. From all of Atlanta to you, Felix. Fuck you, Felix. Fuck you sideways with a saguaro. If you got cut by a mugger in downtown Charlotte, I wouldn't cry.

Mears and Sorenson get my scorn by proxy too.