Friday, March 03, 2006

Some upcoming movies I am excited about...

1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie: Yes, I'm way behind the curve on this. Yes, I've only started watching about a month ago. Yes, it's, like, the greatest thing ever. Yes, I cannot stop laughing when I think of Ignignokt and Err (and recently, Master Shake). "He forced me to see the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie." could be the first sentence of allegations in the my wife's divorce petition, but I do not care. It's awesome. And it provided me with the second-best thing I've read all day, from an IMBD message board about this movie:

"cant wait to see this movie imma b baked outta my mind when i go"

And the best thing I've read all day, from an interview with ToyFare:

TF: Do you any idea what the movie will be rated?
Matt: I think it’s rated…it’s not rated right now.
Dave: How many times can you say the “F” word without, uh, and stay rated “R”?
Matt: I don’t know. Sixty at least. Meatwad freebases in the movie. And we actually show how to print your own money.
Dave: And then make a bomb. Yeah.

2) Blades of Glory: Will Ferrell and Jon Heder in a figure skating movie is merely intriguing. When Amy Poehler and WILL MUTHATRUCKIN ARNETT are cast as their pairs' competition rivals, this film becomes campoutable. Terry from Reno 911! has a sizable role (I suppose appropriately, since I've only ever seen him on skates). And by the way, Will Arnett has like 94 movies coming out in the next couple of years. Which rules. And which brings me to...

3) Let's Go to Prison: Directed by Odenkirk. Written by a quarter of The State. Will Arnett featured. Allegedly scored by The White Stripes. Yeah, this one doesn't deserve my attention at all. And speaking of The State...

4) Reno 911!: Miami: Rumors are out there that this movie includes a scene with all 11 members of The State. That should just be icing on the cake, though. Paul Rudd is a coke-dealing villain. If you haven't been watching this show, catch up now.

I've kind of been hungering for a top notch comedy to roll along for a while now. Looks like there's some potential coming up.