Friday, October 27, 2006

Indulge my inner Colbert...


Right here (in comments). 19 ESPN experts and not a one of them picked St. Louis to even win the NCLS, let alone win the World Series. Meanwhile, little old idiot LD, who knows fuckall about nothing, sits down and nails the World Champion.

On the serious tip, doesn't the fact that a team that, by all objective facts, eats a dick has now been crowned the World Series Champion kind of make all the Braves' losses look a little better? Add these mediocre Cards to the Marlins (twice), D-Backs, Angels, and White Sox. Seriously, at what point do we need to look at baseball the way English soccer looks at things. The "Champion" should be the best team over 162 games - if every team plays a balanced schedule. The playoffs are a separate system entirely, and one where the small sample cannot be used by any means to determine "the best". It should merely be a distinct trophy from the regular season champion.

But still. Fuck all that "Quad-A" bullshit. The Natty Lite is where the action's at, regardless of what Eastern Seaboard writers think.

And while we're at it, fuck McCarver and all his imbecility and reverse jinx shit.