Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mind, Zapped. Ass, Kicked. Face, Melted

Flip Scoldjah and Excalibrah absolutely dominated the 40 Watt Club Friday night. Simply an incredible performance that every single person there enjoyed and will talk about for a long time.

Dude in the bathroom: Who were those guys? They were awesome!

Ice's dance-off? Amazing - and the crowd ate it up.

Nazgul pizza delivery, Immigrant Song? Pants-crappingly hilarious.

Wangs? Brought down the house. "That song was so fuckin' good!"

Can we get them to play more often? Please? I will not miss another concert with them. Also, Dr. Dog (who was pretty good), how's about playing until 2 if you're going to cut the earlier bands short? Hell, Flip and Brah should've been able to get back up and do 6 more songs after Dr. Dog. And it would've ruled. And everyone in the place would've loved it.

Simply awesome show. And now, I will go shit in a graveyard.