Sunday, February 25, 2007

Soakin' in the Jircuzzi

I went with The Wrangler to the Dawgs-Mississippi State game yesterday. A few thoughts...

  • I like how Miss State are the bizarro bulldogs. Dude in my row was wearing a Fresno State sweatshirt. Odd that the guy was supporting via clothing a team called the bulldogs, but not either of the teams playing. Is Fresno State the bizarro-bizarro bulldogs?
  • About 4 rows up on the north side (opposite coaches), there's this dude who wears hilarious sweaters and pumps up the crowd constantly. He's hard not to watch. Anyway, anyone else noticed that dude?
  • Gaines had a rough first half scoring, but his defense is incredibly important to the success of the team.
  • Lots of people have noticed this - Humphrey created a whole lot by slashing to the basket and dishing. Here's hoping he can do that over the next two.
  • The Wrangler noted, and it's something I'd fear - if Georgia ran into an obnoxious officiating crew, the Dawgs could be in trouble on the front line.
I think they need two wins the rest of the way to make sure they're in the tournament. Beat UK and UT, I think they're a lock. Win one of them, and I think they need to win their opener in the SEC tourney. Win neither, I think the Dawgs need to get to Saturday at least (and probably need to win that one and make the selection committee save a spot for them regardless). I think they can do it.