Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blogroll Updated

I added and moved around a whole bunch of links. Lots more reference sites, and a host of sports blogs added.

I deleted some blogs as well. Some have been inactive for a while, others I know have moved on to SB Nation or AOL Fanhouse sites. If I deleted your link and you want it back, email me at the address in the upper right corner and I'll add it back.

As always, the fact that I link to other sites on the blogroll does not necessarily mean that I agree with everything that's written on that site.

The blogroll's purpose is first and foremost for my ease of navigating to sources I seek out frequently. A secondary purpose is to direct readers there.

If you want me to add you as a link, feel free to email me the address and I'll have a look at it. Fair warning: I won't be linking to sites simply as advertisement or to gambling sites.