Sunday, June 03, 2007

Changes Afoot!

So I kind of was screwing around with some widgets and accidentally moved to a new blogger template. And because of that I've spent most of the day trying to either (a) go back to the old ways, or (b) make this look presentable because I'm unable to go back. I'm stuck with method (b) though I'm not sure I've made it look presentable. Please let me know if this new setup burns the eyes, or if I can improve it someway. Also, let me know if I missed a link on the blogroll. I thought I caught them all, but I had to retype them all, so who knows if I missed something.

Commenting - that's been a problem. I tried to reload Haloscan using their "new blogger tool" about 7 times, and each time I lost all of my posts, even in the archives. I personally prefer the new window popup for comments via haloscan, but I'm not pissing away 650 posts to re-add it. So basically, you're stuck with Blogger comments until I can figure out how to fix that.

One last thing... As many of you may know, I am wont to eschew brevity. I tend to have these long ass posts that take up half the front page. Not anymore! I've added a widget that provides the peekaboo system. So when I write something too long, most of it'll hide behind the "read more" thing. Let's try! When the post gets long, you can just click the "read more" thing below (go ahead, click it!)

And the rest of the post is here.

Feedback is appreciated. And let me know if anyone knows how to fix the comment thing.


The General said...

I think it looks better, brah.