Monday, July 09, 2007

Can't just focus on the negative

Some things I like...

  1. Miller Chill.
  2. That the World Series of Pop Culture has returned.
  3. When The Lady surprises me by making mini cheeseburgers.
  4. The girl who can't stop crying on Age of Love (comedy reasons alone - total trainwreck).
  5. PLANET EARTH DVDS - this deserves its own post times ten.
  6. Every episode of Man vs. Wild except the one where Bear drops into the Everglades.
  7. Fatherhood.
  8. Rafael Soriano, Jared Saltalamacchia, Kelly Johnson, and Chipper Jones.
  9. Amazon Prime.
  10. The sassy Russian girl in GoldenEye.
  11. Chicago's Greatest Hits. No shitting.
  12. Trader Joe's chai tea cookies (and just about everything else in the store).
  13. Joe Simpson on Braves games.
  14. That there's less than 2 months to college football.
  15. Flight of the Conchords.


cocaine bref said...

did i tell you we're trying to get Miller Chill to sponsor our Athens show on tour?! Dont know if it will happen, so we may just by 50 cases of the stuff and we can all get drunk!

Damn Good Drink!