Monday, July 09, 2007

Bile Dump

Stuff that's bothered me for a while...

  1. The way Alicia Keys draws every syllable out when enunciating in that American Express commercial.
  2. SportsCenter's "Who's Now" gimmick.
  3. Bob Wickman
  4. Ringtone Subscription commercials
  5. The fact that I'm not in London today, considering the Tour de France starts there, Wimbledon is just finishing, the Live Earth concert, British Grand Prix, etc.
  6. When local sports talk radio focuses on "parenting" issues.
  7. That SportsCenter sometimes shows WNBA highlights instead of MLB scores (and highlights or anything else, really).
  8. Zach Braff's voiceover on Wendy's commercials.
  9. And on that note, the Wendy's commercial where the dude in the Wendy Wig is kicking a tree. Am I missing something? Is "kicking trees" some sort of regional colloquialism or idiom I'm not aware of?
  10. The way that Starz (which I don't get) has lots of movies I'd like to watch, while HBO (which I do get) has only TV shows I like to watch.
  11. I know I'm not the first to say this, but Rafael Nadal's shorts.
  12. The way that VH-1's host and hostess felt they had to spend a minute explaining Ricky Gervais' comedy during the Concert for Diana.
  13. The taste of White Hawk IPA.
  14. MTV's Scarred - the show and all commercials.
  15. Wasting too much reading time on a weak book that you know is bad, but you refuse to put down on principle.
More later.


Grandy said...

Our ATL sports talk just sucks period. Far, far, far too much non-sports talk, for one. For second, the quality is just lacking. If I have to here "but UGA lost to UK *and* Vandy last year" in reference to next year one more time, I'm grenading something.

LD said...

Yes, when they talk about sports, they're lacking. But I guess I've come to expect that.

What really bothers me is when radio DJs - some with multiple marriages and some with no kids at all try to lecture the listeners about "what's wrong with the way we're raising kids today". As if Mike Bell should even have an opinion on it. As if any of them have any credibility on the subject.

And actually, I don't think I'm just annoyed by sports radio guys hectoring their audience on it. I'm bothered by unsolicited and abrasive parenting advice from any source.

Grandy said...

Oh, that I understand. Maybe I'm wierd (well, ok, I probably am really weird), but there are a few things you simply do not comment on.

You do not tell people how to raise their children. You don't critique the names they have picked out. You don't offer advice on whether to breast-feed or not unless it is solicited, and even then you do so carefully and tactfully. You do not ask "when are you gonna have a kid?". You don't express any emotions whatsoever when a parent states they are doing X, but you don't think they should do X.

You fuck off and mind your own Elder God-damed business.

hillary said...

I think the Wendy's ad is just about misdirection. Doesn't the guy say "This is all wrong"? This implies that kicking a tree to cut it down doesn't work nearly as well as an axe, but, in fact, he's not talking about that. He's talking about Wendy's.

Blame it all on Burger King.