Monday, July 09, 2007

Update on U-20 WC

Zambia upset Uruguay 2-0, so the US have drawn a better team than any of those I thought they'd face.

The next USA match is 7:45 Wednesday, currently scheduled to air on Galavision and ESPNUprobablydon'tget. Hopefully one of the bigger ESPN networks will step up, but ESPN is currently scheduled to be replaying tonight's Home Run Derby and ESPN will be showing the AAA All-Star Game. So ESPN is currently planning on running something they've already paid for... I wouldn't expect them to show the game. But who knows? They were supposed to replay the Hot Dog Eating Contest last Friday.

The good news about the draw is that the USA probably has the clearest route to the semifinals, as their quarter of the draw has no other top seeds from the group stage (and by "top seed" I mean both a team that actually won their group and team that "should" have won their group). Austria, Gambia and Uruguay are much more reasonable than just about every other group.

The bad news about the draw is that the bottom quarter of the USA's half looks like a Murderer's Row. Spain, Brazil, Czech Republic and (group topper over Nigeria) Japan all are tough. If the USA makes the semis, it won't be an easy hurdle to get to the finals.

But first things first. Uruguay won't be a pushover after getting embarassed by Gambia. They'll be ready to rumble. Hopefully the USA won't be looking ahead like I have.