Monday, October 08, 2007

People who have opinions like this should not be allowed to share their opinions

I have tried about 10 different ways of starting this post. I tried to be clever, but KSK has the Peter King angle covered a billion times clevererererer. I tired hyperbole, but it seemed stale. I simply cannot convey the incredulity I feel when I read this:

I could watch the Frank Caliendo stuff about a hundred more times. He's funnier today than Belushi was 30 years ago.

Unless he's talking about Jim Belushi, this is the most moronic statement about comedy ever uttered. He must be talking about Jim Belushi, right? Right? Caliendo's OK, I guess... if you like impressions for impressions' sake, regardless of how stale the content is. If he meant John Belushi... I mean. I'm at a loss for words. He must have meant Jim Belushi, because 30 years ago Jim Belushi was just starting at Second City and hadn't done anything that Peter King would know. He must have meant Jim Belushi. I'm going to keep writing that.