Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some things I Like

1.   How Krazee Eyez Killah was in a State Farm commercial that ran every break during March Madness.

2.  Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

5.  Heavy Metal Parking Lot, which I'd heard about from that Backstreet Boys video a while back, but never actually seen.  Incredible.

6.  Blanche de Chambly (and Don de Dieu, if you want to get drunk fast).  All about the ale on lees.

7.  Mad Men.  Watch this television show.  It's great.  I can't stress this enough.

8.  The fact that a team in the Philippine Basketball Association was excited to have signed former UGA basketball player Steven Thomas.  Look: he's all over their website!  Also: you can spend an hour looking at info on the PBA on wikipedia.  The PBA is freaking awesome.  I thought I was going to become a die hard Beverage Master fan, but I don't want to be a frontrunner.  Come on Phone Pals!

9.  That Saturday is the NFL draft.  I know it's terrible.  I know I'm a massive nerd for loving it.  I actually even did a live blog of it 3 years ago (whoa... stone age in blogtime).  I can't help it.  I love college football and I like pro football.  I even think Mel Kiper is great; he's one of the few people on ESPN that actually provides insight - he's definitely an expert in his field, especially compared the the litany of ESPN's former players/moronic sportswriters yelling conventional wisdom.  Sure, I wish it would go faster.  And Berman is atrocious (though this year I might watch a bit more of the NFL network).  Still, I like it.  I can't help it.  Now, please let Dorsey fall to the Falcons so we're not stuck with Matt Ryan and an albatross contract.

10.  The best thing that has ever been on the internet: Fun Town Autos.  

11.  Finally, a happy 10 year anniversary to Je Suis France, a fine rock-n-roll band.  The average life span of an Athens band is like 3 weeks, and the average level of awesomeness on a scale of AIDS to Fun Town Autos is "scrotal contusion", it's just incredible that they've lasted so long and continue to provide the cruisejams and crotchbashes at such a high level.  Congrats, dudes.   Also, Darkness - something is coming your way.  Keep your eyes open.


Vince said...

Agreed, Falcons need more than a QB - Dorsey is the next Warren Sapp.

I will be watching the Draft with a Leinenkugel as well - nostrovia!