Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

So, I suppose I owe an explanation as to why the posts have gotten so sporadic.

Last May, the Lady and I had a daughter.  She's a lot more mobile now, and more interesting than when she just sat and slept and pooped and ate.  Not that I don't find great interest and satisfaction in blogging, but, well, it just doesn't compare to having a kid around to play with and teach things and all.  If ever I have to choose between blogging and spending a minute with the Countess, well, that's no choice at all.  

Now, you might be thinking, "But LD, you watch a ton of movies, and in a post or two you'll tell us that you've watched 127 episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent since January.  You can't tell us that blogging and hanging out with your kid is an 'either/or' quandary.  You can post if you make the effort."  And you would be right, or at least partly right.  It's true, I do have free time outside of work, and the little one goes to bed relatively early, leaving me with a good amount of time in the evening during which I could be blogging.  Truth is that the Lady, for the last couple of years, is a freelance writer.  And considering that having the Countess rambling around affected her daily routine quite a bit more than mine, she really had a good reason to use the computer once the little one went to bed.  If the choice is between the Lady using the computer and getting paid for it, and me blogging and not getting paid for it, there's no choice at all.

I'm not shutting down the blog.  And I am going to try to post more frequently.  I might be able to do just that too (we have 2 computers now).  So don't give up just yet.

And one last note: yes, that picture with the mustache below is me.  And it was real.  The beard lasted about 2 1/2 months.  It was getting too hot and I was getting odd looks from people at my real job.  It had to go.  I should've kept the 'stache longer though. 


cocaine bref said...

That thing completely scorched my mind.