Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight

LD asks, LD receives.

I was never much of a comic book fan, but I'm not ashamed to admit I had a huge tub full of action figures. While I dug the first and last Batman movies, and the Spider-Man flicks, there's been a lot of shit in that genre in the 20 years since Dolph Lundgren and Courteney Cox set the standard for live-action-figure movies. With the much-deserved success of Transformers (despite the need for more Rachael Taylor), the moneyprinters in Southern California have announced the upcoming live-action production of Voltron, G.I. Joe, and my personal favorite, ThunderCats. I can't wait, so I thought I'd try my hand at casting. Although I made my list independently, I found this forum while looking for pics. Looks like I'm not the only one who hopes this really happens.

Feel the magic, hear the roar...

Kevin McKidd as Lion-O

Not sure what this time-traveling business is all about, but if you've seen his intense turn as virtuous badass Lucius Vorenus, you'll agree he's a perfect fit for the leader of the Guardians of Thundera.

Ray Stevenson as Tygra

Can't have Vorenus without Pullo. And don't talk about the 13th.

Barry Bonds as Panthro

Samaire Armstrong as Cheetara

Matthew Roloff as Snarf

Michael Chertoff as Mumm-Ra

Don't hassle the 'Toff.


peacedog said...

Is now an appropriate time for me to point out that Mumm-Ra was the true protagonist in the story? That the thundercats, the thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder---cats! were unwelcome interlopers on the home of another?

The General said...

Is that a statement about our righteous American troops in the land of Saddam?

The Thunderians only crash-landed on Third Earth after mutants from Plun-Darr destroyed Thundera and shot the 'Cats down when they were low on Thundrylium. And BTW, anyone who calls on the Ancient Spirits of Evil is no damn protagonist. I bet you also root for the Yankees, Jeff Gordon, and the house in blackjack. You smell like Monkian.

peacedog said...

That statement is not about American troops anywhere. I generally don't deal in that kind of metaphor. If I want to talk about our troops, I just do it. I leave those kinds of social, real life commentary metaphors to all the shitty writers who employ them.

No, I'm saying that Mumm-Ra got a bad rap. Also, the Ancient Spirits were "evil" according to the interloper Thundercats. They really might have been the Ancient Spirits of Cuddlyness, but we'll never know.

If the thundercats had given proper tribute to Mumm-Ra, things might have gone differently. But noooo. . .

cocaine bref said...


The General said...

Dude, the 'Cats didn't label the spirits "evil." That gauzy bastard used the word himself.

And I'm kinda bummed that the ThunderCats movie won't be live-action after all. I wonder why.