Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hot Thrashers Rumors!

So, while drinking in L'Oncle Antoine, a pub located in a 1700's building in Vieux Quebec, a Quebecois hockey fan assured me that within the next couple of weeks, Marian Hossa will be a Montreal Canadien.

Makes sense to me.  Hawks make a trade to add a relatively pricey player, time for the Thrashers to trim some payroll.  Two teams that care about winning in this city is just too much, right?

Also: Philips Arena is one of the most successful concert venues in the world.  But the Thrashers have the 8th most cap space in the NHL.  The Hawks are 28th out of 30th in salary.

Philips is a moneymaker.  The Hawks and Thrashers can draw fans and revenues.  Time to spend real money on the teams, Spirit.